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T-Live Festival, now in its 2nd Year, will take place at Copthall Playing Fields on Sunday 6th August and will host 15,000 people.

T-live are keen to work with and build a great connection with the local community and ensure the event takes place with minimal disruption to park users, local residents and surrounding businesses.  

The voice of local residents in the community is hugely important to us and we are committed to ensuring that T-live takes place with minimal disruption to park users and the local community.  

We welcome your feedback and through consultation with local residents, stakeholders, Barnet Council and the Safety Advisory Group, we endeavour to make improvements to the events and deliver the best possible experience. 

This page is dedicated to the local community and is updated regularly with relevant information as and when confirmed. Please check back if you would like to find out more about the event. 


From 08:00 on Saturday 5th August 2023 until 16:00 on Monday 7th August 2023, we will have a community hotline for you to call regarding any concerns you may have.

The number is 07778 209621 



The construction and event schedules are as follows:  

Start of setting up 

Friday 28th July – Friday 4th August 

8.00am – 8.00pm 

Event opening times 

Sunday 6th August  

11.00am – 21.00pm 



Finish of breakdown 

Monday 7th August – Wednesday 9th August 

8.00am – 8.00pm 


Sound checks will take place from 09:00-10:00 on Sunday 6th August.   


We will begin the build of the event on Friday 28th July 2023 at 08:00 till Friday 4th August at 20.00.  There will be more vehicles accessing the site than usual and once the build phase has started there will be 24 hour security on the site. We will have an experienced Banksman (Guard who manages the flow of the vehicles) on site throughout the build. Each day works will start NO EARLIER than 08:00 and finish NO LATER than 20:00. During site working times the site office will be staffed. We expect to return the site to the Barnet Council on Wednesday 9th August 2023 at 20:00. 


While the event build and break is taking place, people from the community will be able to walk around the outside of the fields and we will have a perimeter fence in place to keep you and your pets safe and out of the construction zone.  


To apply for 2 tickets for T-Live Festival on Sunday 6th August 2023 please email a proof of address to

Full event info is here



All events create a level of noise, which understandably may cause you some concern. However, to reassure you, we have a strong and very experienced independent acoustic management company, that will minimize any disruption and will respond positively to any concerns via our community hotline. They will work closely with the council’s environmental team who will be on site across the weekend. 

The noise specialists will be monitoring points both on-site and at properties closest to the site. They will liaise back with the sound engineering teams on site to ensure we keep below pre-agreed noise levels.

If you are concerned about noise during the event please call the community hotline on 07778 209 621 

During the build period, the event site is a working construction site and will have plant and machinery operating. We will endeavour to keep any disturbance from construction work and vehicle movements to an absolute minimum. 

Details of the time that amplified music will be playing are included within the table below.  

Sunday 6th August 2023 

Sound Check 




Live Event 





We are working with some of the leading security teams in the UK to run a safe and secure event. They are proactive and professional security and will help within the event and in the immediate vicinity too. They will be approachable and friendly. We will have external security response teams - if you have any concerns you can phone our community hotline. We are working with the Police on our security planning in and around the event. 



We understand that people have concerns about public urination so we will be providing toilets outside of the event perimeter as well as inside. 



We have produced a detailed Waste Management Plan and have appointed a dedicated external cleansing team who will be on-site throughout the Build, Break & Live Event. The team of skilled litter pickers will ensure the park and surrounding areas are cleansed after each event day, and more so, after the weekend.  



We are working with Barnet council as we understand that people will be concerned about parking in the local area. There will be plenty of parking space available on site for the event attendees and we are advising event attendees not to park on local roads as we are working with Barnet Council in regards to putting parking restrictions in place for the surrounding roads. More details will be updated closer to the event.


Each year we raise money for a local charity and we raised over £4000 in 2023. We will be raising money this year for these two local charities again: Noah’s Ark Children Hospice and Barnet Young Foundation.


The voice of the local residents and community is important to us, and we want to ensure your views are heard. We understand that you may want to contact us about the event plans and may need to contact us during and after the festival, please refer to the contact details below.

Community email address - 

If you have any queries on the day, please call or message our community liaison hotline If 07778 209 621 



If I want to attend how do I obtain tickets? 

Tickets are available from

What travel information is provided to customers attending the event? 

Customers are strongly advised to travel by car or use public transport to travel to the event.  The Organisers have advised using the following tube and bus destinations via their website/social media presences: 


  • Mill Hill Broadway (Thameslink) 
  • Mill Hill East (Northern Line) 

Special emphasis has been placed on using Mill Hill Broadway & Mill Hill East as shuttle buses will be provided, more information to follow.
Those customers that wish to use taxis will be guided to a dedicated taxi drop-off point.
This will be publicised with Uber and local taxi companies.  

What roads will be affected and when? 

We are working with Barnet council as we understand that people will be concerned about parking in the local area. There will be plenty of parking space available on site for the event attendees and we are advising event attendees not to park on local roads as we are working with Barnet council in regards to putting parking restrictions in place for the surrounding roads. More details will be updated closer to the event.

Who do I contact if a vehicle is blocking my access to my home/business? 

Please contact Barnet Council on 020 8359 2000  

Will the event affect public transport? 

Although tube and bus services will be busier than usual TfL envisions a normal service throughout the weekend. Mill Hill East & Mill Hill Broadways Station will be particularly busy from 9pm during the egress of the event 

Is there a cleansing operation in place for areas outside of the playing fields? 

There is a cleansing operation for areas outside of the park. Barnet Councils Waste Management department have been commissioned in order to organise extra sweeps of the surrounding areas during and immediately after the event.  

Who should I contact if I want to report issues to do with litter or street cleansing as a result of the event? 


Please call the community hotline on 07778 209 621 

Will I be able to use the rest of the playing fields and if so, will it be safe? 

You will be able to use the rest of the park as normal. We take public safety extremely seriously and have a range of measures in place to ensure the public remains safe and secure at all times during the event. There will be sufficient security guards in Hi-Vis jackets ring-fencing the site and at other appropriate areas throughout the event. Supervisors will have specially marked Hi-Vis jackets. They will patrol and spot-check the perimeter regularly and will be on duty throughout the event. The Emergency Services have been consulted about the security plans and will be briefed and on-site throughout the event itself.    

What is being done to address certain elements of anti-social behaviour witnessed? 

Entry and exit from the event will be tightly controlled by security and traffic management companies. There will be signage throughout the event encouraging guests to leave quietly.  

Clear measures are in place to prevent open drinks from being carried outside the licensed premises.  

All security staff are SIA-accredited (the industry standard) and well-trained in dealing with crime and disorder issues.  Any member of the public causing a nuisance will be required to leave the site and a note of this made in our records. Any use of illegal substances will be dealt with by the Police officers who will be on duty in and around the park. 



Who should I contact if I want to complain about noise from the event? 

There will be an independent noise management company and the Council's Noise Management Officers on duty who will be undertaking noise assessments at all times that live music is being played to monitor sound levels.  

If you have a noise complaint on the day of the event please call our community liaison hotline on 07778 209 621.  

How can I find out more detailed information about the  T-Live Festival?  

You can visit for more information about the event. 

There are robust written policies in place for noise, crowd and waste management which have been reviewed by our Safety Advisory Group. 

For further information, please visit: