We are pleased to announce that we are connecting with two great local charities for T-Live Festival 2023 Young Barnet Foundation and Noah’s Ark. Last year we raised over £4000 for these two local charities.

We have over 30 years of events experience of all sizes and have an excellent reputation of liaising with local communities in which our events are situated. Each year we raise money for local charities and have raised over £30,000 across the last 6 years. The money is raised through contributions from everyone on the guest list plus contributions made via a pop up stall and charity street volunteers on the day at the festival.


We are also in communication with the Young Barnet Foundation in regards to looking at placing some people via the charity at the festival so they could gain valuable work experience if they are interested in working in the music of events industry.

Please see details below on the three local charities and links to how you can donate.

Young Barnet Foundation

We are a local Barnet child and young people’s charity, supporting local grassroots trusted groups working with the most vulnerable children & young people. We aim to get the best outcomes for young people and their families by working in partnership with teams to support & complement existing youth work driving new initiatives and to grow local holiday activities and year-round provision.

In Barnet, 20,000 young people are estimated to be experiencing food insecurity and huge diversity across wards with child poverty as high as 42.4 % all masked by the perception of a green leafy borough. Our young people experience higher than average mental health levels, face a growing gang/violence problem, and is experiencing massive increases in demand for support services. 52% of Barnet’s youth locally are from Ethnic minorities compared with 30% across England. COVID-19 has vastly reduced services and access for young people to the support they need. Locally, Lockdown saw only a 1/3 of youth organisations still taking referrals, 59% stopping some provision, 75% were extremely concerned about their ability to continue supporting our young people.

We work with over 200 local charities working directly with our most vulnerable young people to meet increasing demand securing the long term for young people & aiming to influence positive change towards an equal & fair Barnet.

We have also via a separate partnership project, Barnet Together, where we coordinate Barnet’s COVID-19 response by delivering food and supplies to 17 food banks and the holiday hunger projects, running over 20 positive activities across Barnet, all providing young people in need with hot meals in the school holidays, as well as grant-giving to get money to groups via local grant-giving to best support Barnet’s Children & Young People


Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospice Barnet

We help babies, children and young people with life-threatening or life-limiting conditions, and their families, make the most of every day. And we support those who die young to do so in as much comfort as possible, surrounded by family.

We are here to enable those we support to enjoy life as children, rather than as patients; as families, not just as carers.

Noah’s Ark was established by Michael McInerney following the death of a child in his close family in a local hospital. Unhappy with the options available for the child, he launched Noah’s Ark’s care for children and families in 2006 after years of fundraising.

We are now one of the UK’s leading children’s hospices, providing care for over 350 children and their families every year. We believe that every baby, child and young person who is seriously unwell, and their loved ones, should have access to expert and compassionate palliative care from the point of diagnosis. Partnering with London’s NHS trusts and social care organisations, we have built a home, a community and a team to make that difference.

Mind in Haringey provides information, advice and support to people affected by mental health problems, primarily in Haringey. We work to prevent mental health problems, promote mental well-being and ensure those experiencing a mental health problem are respected and included in our local community.

Our vision is to help enable and support positive mental well-being, to improve lives.

Mental health in Haringey
One in four people are affected by mental health problems in Haringey, out of a population of 225,000 that’s over 54,000 people. This includes 2,413 children and young people. There are 15,987 carers in Haringey.

We offer high-quality services to local residents seeking mental health advice and support. Our services include, counselling, advocacy and wellbeing workshops.

Mental health problems can happen to anyone and most people recover. We are committed to raising awareness of mental health issues and to tackling the stigma and discrimination that is often the biggest barrier to recovery.

We support service users in their recovery by working with patients, families, carers, children and young people, professionals, and those with undiagnosed mental health conditions.